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Success Stories

Success Stories

In 2 ½ years, I went from a weekend warrior to a cat 3 Masters road racer with a handful of podium finishes. THT has guided my development with custom workouts tailored to my work and travel schedules. I am a very satisfied client!

Keith F. Hartstein

Newark, NJ

Tyler Hamilton Training Success Stories - Keith Harsteinn
Tyler Hamilton Training Success Stories Lisa Matis

Working with THT has changed my life in so many ways. Personal fitness is much stronger, functioning with old injuries is dramatically better, positive impact across skiing is fantastic, motivation is consistent, and my enjoyment on the bike has increased exponentially.

Lisa Matis

Vail, CO

I've learned to train with purpose and get the most out of the time I have available on the bike. I would recommend THT to anyone who is interested in getting more out of their passion for cycling.

Geoffrey Parslow

Vancouver, Canada

Tyler Hamilton Training Success Stories Geoffrey Parslow
Featured Athlete:
 Gene Caffrey, Cary, North Carolina

I have been an active athlete for my entire life.  After years of running marathons and competing in triathalons, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010 at the age of 41.  My diagnosis came just three months after completing my second Ironman.  Since maintaining my athletic lifestyle became even more inportant to me after receiving the diagnosis, my bike has become my best friend in the past few years.  Cycling plays a huge role in my treatment plan!


I participated in my first MS Global event in Asheville, NC in 2014 where I met Jim Capra, Tyler Hamilton, and a number of other amazing people.  This event was a life changing experience for me on many levels, but the biggest benefit by far was becoming a part of the Tyler Hamilton Training family.  I use the word "family" because I truly feel like THT is such a genuine part of my day-to-day life.  I had been coached in the past but it wasn't until I started working with Jim and Tyler that I realized how expert coaching produces amazing results.  I am a stronger cyclist today than I was before my diagnosis due to the custom daily workouts and ongoing communication I receive from THT.


THT creates and modifies my daily workouts based on many factors including upcoming events, results of recent workouts, my work schedule, health issues, and even my local weather forecast!  Not only is Tyler completely tuned into my cycling life, I am proud to call him a friend.  I look forward to continuing to reach levels I used to only dream about on the bike thanks to Tyler Hamilton Training.

Tyler Hamilton Training Success Stories Gene Caffrey
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